Category: branding

United Nations System Staff College

We developed a new brand for the United Nations System Staff College, based on extensive client and stakeholder research. The new brand illustrates the College’s enduring role and ethos. It puts forth a distinctive visual identity based on how partners, clients and internal stakeholders perceive the organisation.

The new brand book encapsulates the College’s uniqueness, values, voice, and brand personality. It articulates guidelines for imagery and provides guidance for communicating the brand across products and channels.

UN Joint Programme in South Sudan

The UN Joint Programme on Peace and Security in South Sudan is led by UNDP, UNICEF and OHCHR as part of the UN Peacebuilding Fund.

The new brand was applied to merchandising materials and is being used to develop informative, entertaining and communicative materials for community engagement and social mobilisation at the country level.


Citiscope provides real-time data and contextual intelligence about social life in urban settings so cities can create places where people thrive.

This startup, based in Finland, was Rewire’s very first project. We developed their corporate brand and applied it to their digital products, their big data SAAS platform and their corporate site. Rewire was also in charge of conducting their user research, which helped define the company’s brand.

Neilson Hays Library

For Neilson Hays Library’s first literature festival in Bangkok, we were asked to create their entire corporate identity. They needed something contemporary and simple to show off the bookstore building while stepping away from traditional forms of branding in the region. The corporate identity was applied in a series of publications and merchandising materials developed for the literature festival.