Category: editorial design

Louder than Words, Plan International Asia-Pacific

Plan International Asia-Pacific wanted to create a publication for advocacy and fundraising purposes that showcased the personal testimonies of bravery, resilience and spirit of people standing up and fighting against child and early forced marriage. To achieve this, confidently communicating the most impactful stories was essential.

We began by conducting a literature review of more than 100 materials, including stories, photos and videos, before writing and editing the stories to fit the publication well. Once designed, we transformed the collection into a web-interactive product that would form the centre piece of a social media campaign, including copy and multimedia assets, to promote the new publication.

The 2022 Asia-Pacific Plan International Girls Report

From design to launch, Rewire led the creative concept and communications for Plan International’s 2022 Asia-Pacific Girls Report – editing research to form a key thematic chapter within the report, evolving the report’s design and transforming findings into visually appealing data points.

A social media campaign with tailored graphic content worked alongside targeted media outreach during COP27, relating key report themes with global events.

United Nations System Staff College

We developed a new brand for the United Nations System Staff College, based on extensive client and stakeholder research. The new brand illustrates the College’s enduring role and ethos. It puts forth a distinctive visual identity based on how partners, clients and internal stakeholders perceive the organisation.

The new brand book encapsulates the College’s uniqueness, values, voice, and brand personality. It articulates guidelines for imagery and provides guidance for communicating the brand across products and channels.

UN in the Pacific

We were hired to design and proofread the annual report for the UN Resident Coordinator Office in the Pacific. The design followed the institutional identity of the organisation and essential data points were transformed into visually appealing infographics.

UN in Central African Republic

Rewire was charged with editing and designing two key publications for the UN Resident Coordinator Office in the Central African Republic: The UN Covid-19 Response Plan, and the 2019 and 2020 UN Annual Reports in both French and English. The designs followed the organisation’s institutional identity.

Neilson Hays Library

For Neilson Hays Library’s first literature festival in Bangkok, we were asked to create their entire corporate identity. They needed something contemporary and simple to show off the bookstore building while stepping away from traditional forms of branding in the region. The corporate identity was applied in a series of publications and merchandising materials developed for the literature festival.

Autism Confederation Spain

“Emotional well-being in autism spectrum disorder” is a publication by Autismo España focusing on the mental health of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

People with autism are more vulnerable to mental health disorders because they often have problems understanding and sharing emotions with others and also expressing, regulating and controlling their own emotions. The publication consists of a book and infographics oriented to support parents, teachers and also to the children themselves.

Autism Confederation Spain 2019 Annual Report

The Responsible use of ICT for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder is part of a series of publications made by Autismo España.

This project consists of two guides: one for students and one for teachers. In this guide, a series of guidelines are given to avoid online abuse and uploading inappropriate content to the internet.