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Children’s rights illustrations for OHCHR- South Sudan

How can you possibly explain concepts like reconciliation, child rights and the rule of law when literacy rates are low? How do you create visually stimulating materials that make these audiences want to learn more?

Through the use of creative and bespoke designs, our information, education and communication products were able to help increase the effectiveness of public campaigns to promote justice, peace, security and reconciliation – despite a lack of words.

Children’s rights illustrations for UNDP – South Sudan

Comics can be an important tool for spreading positive social norms. Our comics, which were designed for the UN Joint Programme in South Sudan to disseminate information on children’s rights among key duty-bearers, did just that.

The materials produced were developed with several qualities in mind, so as to attract the target audience’s interest: the material’s simplicity, familiarity, realism and attractiveness. The comics convey important messages in a way that broadens their popular appeal.

Neilson Hays Library

For Neilson Hays Library’s first literature festival in Bangkok, we were asked to create their entire corporate identity. They needed something contemporary and simple to show off the bookstore building while stepping away from traditional forms of branding in the region. The corporate identity was applied in a series of publications and merchandising materials developed for the literature festival.

Autism Confederation Spain

“Emotional well-being in autism spectrum disorder” is a publication by Autismo España focusing on the mental health of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

People with autism are more vulnerable to mental health disorders because they often have problems understanding and sharing emotions with others and also expressing, regulating and controlling their own emotions. The publication consists of a book and infographics oriented to support parents, teachers and also to the children themselves.