communications for social change

Effective communications are among the most powerful tools to promote social change. At Rewire, we combine long-standing participatory methodologies with the latest research on behavioural insights to engineer positive change.

human-centred design

We use a human-centred approach to better understand the needs, constraints, contexts and behaviours of your users and audience. Our ultimate goal is to help you solve their problems, arriving at solutions via rapid prototyping.

ux, ui web design and development

We use user-centred design when developing digital products. From user research to customer journey mapping, from wireframing to prototyping, we take care of the whole process using a lean approach.


A brand helps you connect emotionally with those you want to reach. From logo design to re-energising your corporate identity, we help you find your unique voice.

graphic design

We believe in beauty and are committed to creating a positive impact. From digital to print, from desktop to mobile, we are driven to beautify what we touch.

content strategy

To engage, activate and rewire consciences, thoughtful and inspiring content is essential. We develop multi-channel content strategies that help you engage and influence your audiences to promote positive change.

visual storytelling

We develop memorable content to engage your audiences across multiple channels through photography, video and animation.

media relations

We teach clients best practices when dealing with the media, using proven methods for accomplishing goals through news outlets. We assist you with crisis communications by helping you proactively navigate through troubled waters.